Product Spotlight: 5 New SpeakerCraft Subwoofers

Product Spotlight: 5 New SpeakerCraft Subwoofers

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The well-known speaker company launches five new stylish and powerful subwoofers, giving homeowners options for any residential space.

Continuing the legacy of subwoofer bass design and technology inherent in its sister-brand Sunfire subwoofers, Nortek Control has unveiled five new SpeakerCraft Subwoofers, bringing the total to nine models launched this year. The new additions come directly on the heels of the March delivery of the four, new SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofer Series.


SpeakerCraft Subwoofers are designed to set a new standard in bass frequency reproduction. With the combined legacy of design from Sunfire Subwoofers and the audio innovation found in all SpeakerCraft Speakers, the company did just that. These new high-power SpeakerCraft HRSi and XTEQi Subwoofers both incorporate the signature high back-EMF driver design, which allows for an ultra-efficient cabinet to woofer size design. They also use SpeakerCraft’s new app for setup and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) room correction. Delivering an immersive audio experience that can both be felt and heard.

Audio enthusiasts will recognize the Sunfire Subwoofer sound, bass, and influence in the new SpeakerCraft line. The flagship model, the SpeakerCraft XTEQi-12 Subwoofer, features dual 12-inch force-canceling active drivers, each powered by a dedicated high-output 1,000-watt amplifier, with onboard DSP and new Sub Station App for setup and control. This SpeakerCraft subwoofer accurately reproduces low frequencies down to 17Hz, which is bass you can literally feel! This new subwoofer delivers reference-level playback of music in listening rooms and movie content in home cinemas, according to Nortek.

Also joining the lineup, the new HRSi Series of SpeakerCraft Subwoofers offers a step-up to the performance and value of the SDSi Series Subwoofers. The SpeakerCraft HRSi Series includes three models (with 8-, 10- or 12-inch fiberglass woofers), and features 1,000-watt amplifiers, High Back EMF fiberglass drivers and high-gloss, piano black lacquer finish.   

“For decades, Nortek Control has been a leader in sound technology via our multi-brand strategy of audio and speaker brands,” says Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing at Nortek Control. “Our new, next-generation SpeakerCraft subwoofers—with Sunfire technology inside—consolidate our audio innovation and prowess under one single, globally-renowned brand. With this comprehensive product introduction, we empower technology integrators to offer the finest in audio and bass technologies under the market-leading SpeakerCraft brand, so they can elevate and satisfy every project and client.”


A new optional Wireless Audio Kit will reduce cable clutter for a cleaner setup. Connect the transmitter to your A/V source and the receiver to your subwoofer and you’re ready for plug-and-play bass. All you need is a power source for the subwoofer to unlock the freedom to place it in its optimal location.

Automated setup correction of acoustical room anomalies can be achieved via the new SpeakerCraft Sub Station Mobile App. The intuitively designed Sub Station app eliminates the complexity of subwoofer setup, saving time for installers and homeowners alike. Tuning control is seamlessly managed from the app. An auto-EQ function to correct for room anomalies, allows for optimal performance and flexible subwoofer placement regardless of room size or shape.

Jeff Shaw, senior director of product management for Nortek Control, adds, “Every SpeakerCraft product journey is driven by our never wavering devotion to great and exciting sound. The new Sub Station Mobile App with the extensive range of new SpeakerCraft Subwoofers not only sets an entirely new benchmark for premium subwoofer design, performance and setup, together they also deliver the most technologically advanced, elegant solution for every integrator and client.”

Like all SpeakerCraft brand loudspeakers, the new subwoofers pair with all custom installation control systems such as sister-brand ELAN Systems

The award-winning triple driver SDSi Series, released in March, rounds out the newly expanded lineup of floor-standing subwoofers. Available in four models including the SDSi-8, SDSi-10, SDSi-12 and SDSi-15, the SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofers are compact and feature technology that includes one active driver paired with dual passive radiators.

All of the audio innovation inside could only be matched with a bold luxury style. Both lines feature a high-gloss lacquer finish in striking Piano Black that coats a 1” MDF Cabinet. All told, this is a subwoofer you’d be just as proud to show off, as well as listen to. Speakercraft_Sub_HRS_inset-use-1024x476


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