What the Industry is Saying about the HTA - Quotable Quotes

What the Industry is Saying about the HTA - Quotable Quotes

The Home Technology Association is delivering on its mission! See video testimonials from HTA Certified dealers at this link. Read the following testimonials and quotes from Manufacturers, a Buying Group, Integrators, and Industry Influencers:


"The Home Technology Association has brought my company tremendous value and exposure! This year (2019) I was awarded a 7-figure project by a high-profile commercial client in NYC who found my company on the HTA’s website. They not only found me, they understood I was qualified for the scope of their project. This company literally brought me in because I was HTA Certified, giving my company tons of exposure."
- Michael Restrepo, Owner of Restrepo Innovations in New York, NY

“As the owner of an HTA-certified company, I greatly encourage all qualified CI firms to pursue certification from this independent and highly credible organization. We recently leveraged our certification to win a spectacular project, effectively differentiating ourselves from another company. Using the very convenient budget calculator and educating the client on the rigorous standards for HTA certification, we swiftly facilitated the decision-making process and the client became comfortable with our capabilities, awarding us the project even though our fully engineered solution was a higher initial investment!”
- JW Anderson, Owner of The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC

“I have longed for a resource like the HTA. The Home Technology Association has proven to be the CI trade’s first true reputable vetting platform for General Contractors and homeowners. Architects and contractors here in Beverly Hills are beginning to include “AV trade must be HTA Certified” in their bidding specification!"
- Murray Kunis, President of Future Home in Los Angeles, CA

"Even though my company has been HTA Certified for a while, I admit I was not leveraging the HTA's budget calculator until recently. It worked fantastically to educate a recent client on a realistic home theater budget. Here is what happened...my client had set an arbitrary budget number for his theater that seemed reasonable to him, though in reality, it was not a realistic number for the performance level requested. A colleague suggested I share the budget calculator with my client to educate him on realistic home theater budget ranges, and it worked! The theater budget went from $20K to $150K. We are confident our client is going to love the new home theater, and I realize now how powerful the HTA's budget calculator is in educating clients on credible budgets.”
- Paul Foley, Systems Engineer at Hermary's in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I wanted to personally thank the Home Technology Association for the benefits we have seen by being HTA certified. Typically we rely on the word of mouth method, but since becoming certified it has helped us land a couple of new developers. They were immediately impressed with knowing they were not taking as much of a risk on a new contractor with said certification. HTA is solving such a hole in our industry, thank you for actually vetting out companies rather than giving certifications by paying a simple fee. We wish the entire HTA team great success in elevating our industry."
- Chad Lassig, Owner of Audio Video Systems in Park City, UT

"The Budget Calculator is a no brainer! It's never been easier for our company to identify the clients that are truly right for us. It not only helps us land large projects but it helps us identify the size of each goal within the budget. Different home owners see value in different home luxury features. The budget calculator can be filled out repeatedly until the homeowners are happy with the direction it's moving in."
- Peter Sandford, Owner of Smarter Homes in Austin, TX

"We have already started using the HTA Budget Calculator with prospective clients. We suggest that prior to our meeting, they spend 10 minutes with the HTA Budget Calculator to understand both overall budget, and the typical cost drivers. This has been tremendously helpful, as we are no longer the company presenting what can be a surprisingly large budget; instead, we are the experts helping them select the technology they want while reaching a desired cost target. We’ve also noticed that those clients generally bring up a larger number of systems – things like lighting, motorized shades, enterprise-grade data networks. These discussions are much more collaborative, rather than clients shutting down what they may feel is an “add on” sale.

Lastly, this process has allowed us to more easily promote and sell our design services. Customers no longer need the standard “3 bidders” to feel educated on budgets. They now have a reasonable budget range, and see value in partnering with a trusted advisor to design their ideal system."
- Bryan Mills, President of Mills Technologies in Chicago, IL

"Using HTA, I was recently able to separate Cantara from another bidder that had less experience on this scale of project. This allowed a discussion about skill set rather than proposal price."
- Jason Voorhees, CEO of Cantara in Orange County, CA

"Since we have become part of HTA, it is apparent that our clients, general contractors, and architects have added confidence and trust in audioDave, because we are part of a national organization that is setting industry standards. Being part of this organization has created or improved our relationships with our contractors, increased our sales, and differentiates us from other integrators. HTA’s website also informs our clients on what they need to be aware of, questions to ask, and helps them set a budget. In all our presentations to our clients we always mention that audioDave is a certified HTA Integrator, which spurs a positive conversation and an understanding that there are industry standards and not just organizations." 
- David Nakayama, Owner of audioDave in Newton, MA

"We are very excited to finally have a system in place that can certify integrators by identifying their skill set/capabilities and pre-qualifying them for specific project sizes and requirements. As established integrators, this not only benefits us from weeding out the non-qualified "Trunk Slammers", but also guarantees the client will be delivered a flawless project. The sooner we educate the design-build community on the benefits of the HTA, the better off we and the end user will be."
- Todd DeAngelis, CEO and Founder of Signals AV, with offices in Los Angeles & LaQuinta, CA

"No other program shares the promise of HTA to elevate the standards of our entire industry "
- David Barson, owner of Opus AV in Connecticut

“As a business owner, I am excited about the HTA Certification. In our market, our clients struggle with understanding which company is truly capable of taking care of their electronic systems. If you look across the service industry, almost every other industry has some sort of designation that separates the best from the rest. The Home Technology industry has never really had that distinction and I’m looking forward to it."
- Travis Leo, CEO of Residential Systems in Lakewood, CO

"We believe that the true benefit of this certification is that it avails an immediate dismissal of any doubt, to a client that is not familiar with our company culture, that our firm is of the caliber to execute a project successfully, and with the professionalism to engineer, install and service to a very high standard."
- Michael Ross, Principal Partner of Atlantic Control Technologies in Annapolis, MD

“We applied for our certification with HTA because the low barrier to entry in our industry has resulted in under-qualified integrators in the market. This has a history of creating poor client experiences and giving what we do a bad reputation,” says Matthew Johnson, VP/GM of Aurum. “HTA’s stamp of approval on Aurum tells our clients we have been vetted and proven ourselves to be a first-class organization capable of designing, installing and supporting a system we would be proud to have in our own homes.”
- Matt Johnson, Vice President & General Manager of Aurum in Denver, CO

"By being a member of HTA, we can proudly let all of our design and build partners know that there is a resource for them to use that allows them to qualify not only ACS, but any other integrator they may be considering using. The one thing we come up against, more often than not, is that the homeowner or their representative “has a guy” they use for AV. HTA allows companies like ACS to counter that claim by pointing them to the website to show them, that today's modern luxury homes require real technology, and not just AV. It also allows us to show them that not all integrators are the same and the depth of experience, resources and personnel that ACS has is vastly greater than “their guy” ".
- Thomas Clancy, Senior Vice President of Audio Command Systems in New York, NY

Influencers / Industry Gurus:


“When the Home Technology Association asked me to appear in this video, I was excited to help them get the word out about HTA certification. Home Technology systems have been a point of frustration for me both personally and professionally. Once I heard about HTA certification, I was sold. Without question, your industry needs a quality standard that consumers can trust. I think HTA certification is an important resource for consumers.”
- James Harris, Realtor, The Agency (also from "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles") 

"One of the most vital missing elements in the custom electronics industry is the lack of consumer awareness that high-quality professional integrators exist. CE Pro looks forward to supporting any endeavor that helps lift the veil that currently shrouds the industry from the eyes of the public."
- Jason Knott, editor-in-chief, CE Pro magazine


Technology Consultant:

"As a professional technology design firm, we design and oversee projects at the highest levels. Project success and our reputation are always top priority when recommending installation firms, which is why we require Home Technology Association certification from potential contractors."
- Justin Rounsefell, CCP-D, Founder + Principal - Stratus Group


"The mission of the HTA aligns exactly with the high-end, professional focus we have at Crestron Residential. I am excited that our industry is banding together to get behind the HTA Certification system. As a manufacturer and former integrator, I look forward to a future where consumers choose the right integrator the first time and the "takeover" project is a thing of the past."
- John Clancy, VP Residential - Crestron

"I wholeheartedly believe in the HTA and what they are working to accomplish. Meridian designs some of the world’s finest sound systems, but our customer's experience of Meridian is a direct result of installation and setup quality. The HTA will help future customers identify the right home technology professionals to meet their needs, and as a result, delivering a better experience for everyone involved. I look forward to supporting the HTA to help them achieve their goals."
- Ryan Donaher, Vice President - Meridian America

“We believe deeply in arming the professionals in our industry with the tools they need to succeed and to deliver the very best in service to their clients. There is a great amount of value and pride that integrators will receive by the HTA instituting this standard, and customers will reap the benefits from the high-quality installations and experiences that they deserve—from start to finish. We are passionate about continued education and formal certifications, and we fully support HTA in their efforts to empower our CE professionals. Also looking forward to participating in this discussion on the HTA Board”.
- Bryce Judd, SVP Sales - Control4

“Quality, integrity and regulated performance standards are critical pillars to ensure a stellar end-user experience with sophisticated home technology products. An industry marque that stands for best practices in design, test and installation along with an established group of best-in-class reference products will help significantly with consumer confidence in our industry. Having an organization such as the HTA to institute a benchmark will pay dividends for the entire CI community in the long term."
- J.C. Murphy, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales - Savant

“As our industry has grown, it has become difficult to identify the individual skills sets of integration companies. There is a clear need for architects, interior designers, general contractors, and affluent customers to have an independent organization evaluate and provide an unbiased review of the particular strengths of a given integrator.”
- Jason Sloan, Chief Sales Officer - Sonance

“We support (the Home Technology Association's) vision of elevating the quality and reputation of the installation community through a formal certification process. Lutron has always been committed to quality education, training, and product specific qualification requirements to ensure we can take care of our mutual customers, deliver an outstanding customer experience, and enhance our mutual reputations.”
- David M. Weinstein, Vice President Residential Sales - Lutron

Buying Group:

“In an industry with no side rails or published quality standards and easy access to products what happens is chaos. I used to teach new salespeople who worked for me three letters QVP. They stand for Quality, Value, Performance. That is what we should incorporate in a sales presentation and embody in the work we execute. HTA has developed standards to move our industry into one which imbues trust, standards, and regimen. It’s about time!”
- Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited