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Top 5 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have a Lighting Control System


One of the most misunderstood home technology systems is the lighting control system. Many homeowners who are building luxury homes purchase lighting control systems simply because they feel it is an expected feature for resale. What they fail to realize is that a lighting control system is one of the best amenities they can purchase for their home. After all, you use lights every single day, right? Why not make it easier and more functional?

Interior Design for the Smart Home: 5 Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Interior designers have a common pursuit: the neverending quest to create spaces that inspire. When it comes to integrating home technology in a beautiful and meaningful way, however, even Architectural Digest Top 100 and Elle Décor A-Listers can stumble. This article will make attaining beautiful, high-design spaces—even those loaded with smart home features—a little easier, highlighting five common mistakes that interior designers make in high-tech projects (and how to avoid them).

Home Office 2.0 - Top Tips for a Great Home Office

With the advent of the global pandemic, the role of online, home-based conferencing and work has taken over every industry. The convenience and accessibility of videoconferencing will last long past the pandemic and continue to be a crucial element of work and communication. With the home's new role of workspace, building an environment of professionalism and effectiveness in both communication and appearance to clientele is essential.

Care About Your Health? Then Look at Home Wellness

What does home wellness actually mean to homeowners beyond the buzz? We explore lighting, music, acoustics, and air and water purification in the home to contribute to a healthy home and potentially curb disease over the course of a lifetime.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Your Electronics?

So you have been in your home for some time and now your electronic systems are showing signs of age. You had a home technology company come in and they are asking you to replace items that seem perfectly fine. Are they trying to get in your wallet, or is the information you are receiving accurate? Keep in mind that home electronics are no different than personal electronics like your mobile phone…they evolve very quickly. When a home technology pro sees a 10-year-old TV hanging on your wall, they view it as you would view someone who just pulled an iPhone 1 out of their pocket.

Why an Enterprise-Grade Network is a MUST in every Luxury Home

The world we live in today has become increasingly connected. Not long ago, most people only had a desktop computer and maybe, a laptop computer that needed access to the Internet or maybe a network-connected printer. In just a few short years it seems that every device in our lives can now communicate

Surveillance Cameras - 12 Things You Need to Know

When looking for a surveillance camera system, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the huge number of products available and the confusing technical jargon that comes with them. Just walk into any big box retailer and there are numerous brands all seemingly selling the exact same camera. Every brand claims to offer high resolution and night vision, and sorting through the claims can be confusing.

Home Theater vs. Media Room - What Is the Difference?

Nomenclature is a challenge when it comes to home technology. We struggle with terms that resonate with homeowners. From the “AV guy" to system integrators to custom installers to technology designers to low-voltage contractors, the home technology industry seems to have an identity crisis, even though all those terms mean essentially the same thing to an insider. The same goes for the terms that we use to define rooms in the home, which brings us to the topic du jour: What is the difference between a media room and a home theater?

Most homeowners do not know or even care about the difference. 

Budget Advice - 4 Vital Tips

When embarking on a new home build or remodel project, the fuzziest budget item for most homeowners is typically the technology budget. Your builder, architect, and interior designer can quickly ballpark what a pool, a kitchen, or an electrical contract will cost. When it comes to technology, though, they often shrug their shoulders since there are so many variables. Some clients want very basic systems, and others want audiophile music systems and George Jetson-levels of Home Automation. More often, homeowners do not really know what they want or need. Here are some budget guidelines, with a link below to our budget calculator:

Why a Smart Home Needs a Strong Wiring Backbone

Wireless connectivity is faster than ever, but your home still needs a solid network of wiring for higher bandwidth, better Internet security and a host of other benefits.

In a world that increasingly uses wireless communication, conversations about cabling / prewiring can seem a bit outdated and, frankly, unnecessary. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Wiring is and will remain, an important component of any modern home. Why?

Human-Centric Lighting - The Next Big Thing in Home Design

Able to simulate daylight and dusk and develop a deeper connection with the outdoors, Human-Centric Lighting offers an exciting new approach to home lighting.
Of all the amenities in a home, lighting can have the most impact on design, ambiance and even your sense of well-being. Set at the appropriate brightness and color temperature, lighting can accentuate the architectural features of your home while affecting your mood and well-being. Smart lighting has the ability to touch every part of our lives in some very positive ways, and the continual evolution of LED lighting technology is largely responsible.

The Moving Canvas - 21st Century Digital Art Arrives In the Home

Art collecting has long been a passion for those who wish to own and display a piece of work to which they feel an emotional connection. There are many reasons why a person would want a piece of art in their home—perhaps the piece or artist evokes strong positive memories, they feel the piece speaks to the design, mood and aesthetic of their home or perhaps they purchased the piece as a financial investment.

Bad Home Acoustics Lead to Negative Health Consequences Over Time

Renowned acousticians Steve Haas and Anthony Grimani on the importance of home acoustics and the effects noise can have on wellness and health.

5 Steps to a Better Outdoor Entertainment Space

A study last year by the American Institute of Architects showed that as homeowners look to make improvements, outdoor living spaces top the list. To create an outdoor space that you will use even more, technology is a key element. HTA Certified home technology professionals can expertly outfit your outdoor spaces with technology in such a way that it will actually add value to your home

The Smart Home: What You Need to Know

It has taken a few years, though smart home systems have finally gained acceptance as a very desirable feature to integrate into a home of any size, shape, or style. It does not matter if you live in a 1,200-square foot bungalow on the beach, a condo on the 16th floor in the city, or a sprawling mansion in the country, a smart home system can afford a wealth of benefits that extend beyond

The Single Most Important Part of Your Home Technology System

Would you feel comfortable if a General Contractor told you he could build your dream home without a set of architectural plans? Of course not. As we all know, a house is very complex and is built from many different items: a foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, a roof, and the list goes on.

How are

Home Theater Design - 3 Essential Ingredients

Are you in the process of planning a home theater? Possibly you are well into the design or even already have some construction underway. Or, you may have only recently started to consider the possibility. In any case, you have likely been overwhelmed with copious, confusing and often misleading information on just exactly what creates a great home theater experience. To make sense of it all, it is a good idea to step back and consider what is possible, and what is essential to attain the results you desire. This article will consider three key ingredients of proper home theater design.

5 Tips for Implementing Home Technology Systems – Without the Pain!

In a recent conversation with a very experienced builder, it was clear that he and many builders are looking for direction on the best way to have a home’s technology systems installed. He admitted it is difficult for builders to wrap their heads around the myriad technologies and brands available today. He said something

You Do Not Have to be an Audiophile to Enjoy Great Sound

Humanity’s love of music is timeless and universal. It sustains the soul, speaks to the imagination and shapes our perspective on the world.

In our view, everyone should respect the life-affirming spirit of music and value how it was explicitly meant to be heard and enjoyed by the artist who created it. In simple terms, the goal for the audio industry is to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We recognize that the best musical experiences will trigger a deep emotional connection.

Voice Control in the Smart Home - What you Need to Know

Voice control platforms offer a hands-free way to operate lights, thermostats, door locks and more, but is there a catch?

We have all been there — wet hands, full arms, juggling five things at once, or just in the middle of something else when the doorbell rings, you need more light, or you’d like to change the channel on the TV or switch to a new song. Sure, you could stop what you’re doing, wipe your hands, put things down, or otherwise free yourself up to get to the various controls.

5 Questions To Ask About Aftercare Service

Amongst the many factors you should consider when hiring a home technology professional for your project, their approach to ongoing service and maintenance of your technology systems is arguably one of the most important. Your home technology will likely require more upkeep and maintenance than any other system in the home. For all of the convenience, security, comfort, and entertainment

How to Hire a Technology Pro

The first step of a successful home technology project is hiring the right company. This is also easily the most important ingredient in the recipe for success. At the Home Technology Association, we realize this is a difficult decision, and our mission is to make it easier for you to get this right.

Here are some helpful tips in choosing the right home technology integration firm:

How to Partner with Home Technology Firms

Architect:  ✓
Interior Designer:  ✓
Landscape Designer:  ✓
Lighting Designer:  ✓
Technology Designer: ✓

HTA Certification Defined

Over 25 industry experts plus the Home Technology Association’s esteemed Board of Advisors have weighed in to create the rigorous standards of HTA Certification. Our goal is to empower consumers, architects, builders, and interior designers with the best information possible so that they may research and hire the best home technology integration firms for their projects.

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